The Research Center for Proxy Politics aims to explore and reflect upon the nature of medial networks and their actors, that is, machines and things as well as humans. The proxy, a decoy or surrogate, is today often used to designate a computer server acting as an intermediary for requests from clients. Originating in the Latin procurator, an agent representing others in a court of law, proxies are now emblematic of a post-representational political age, one increasingly populated by bot militias, puppet states, ghostwriters, and communication relays. During the period of the project (September 2014 to August 2017) the center will host a series of workshops at the Universität der Künste, Berlin, revolving around a wide range of relevant topics including the politics of digital networks, the political economy of crypto-currencies, the genealogy of networked thought, the mediality of physical landscapes and strategies of opacity. The center will also conduct material, experimental, investigations into the conception and construction of alternative networks, or alternets.

(Presentation) 07/02 2016  15:00 – 17:00 @ Raum 115

Solid State: Sunlight

Harry Sanderson

In this presentation, Harry Sanderson will address his work with caustic imaging technology, and the ways in which this can be contextualized in a wider field of thought. Caustic imaging is a technology that makes use of recently developed algorithms to produce physical surfaces that reproduce digital images as existing physical properties of objects, existing in the same sense as is their weight, density, or mass. The project is concerned with producing a physical remnant of computation that no longer relies on its infrastructure, yet at the same time attests to the capacity of that infrastructure to determine available modes of existence. The artist will examine the various algorithms employed in the production of the objects, and through explaining their most common commercial applications provide a space to think through the implications of an artwork that occupies a developing technology situated at the juncture of the digital and the real.


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